Friday, September 29, 2006

TTABlog Quarterly Index: July - September 2006

Well, that was a pretty interesting quarter, don't you think? Our favorite content-provider, Leo Stoller, received a big fat sanction from the TTAB, the Board issued 11 citable decisions, the Trademark Dilution Revision Act made it through Congress, and the PTO strategic plan came out, calling for 60-80 precedential decisions per year. Next quarter will bring the second anniversary of the TTABlog (November 9th), possibly the TTAB Rule changes in final form, the signing of the new dilution bill, and undoubtedly several Leo Stoller-related developments. I can hardly wait.

Two-foot pizza

Section 2(a) - false connection

Section 2(a) - immoral or scandalous

Section 2(d) - likelihood of confusion

Section 2(e)(1) - mere descriptiveness:

Section 2(e)(2) - primarily geographically descriptive:


Section 2(e)(4) - primarily merely a surname:

Section 2(e)(5) - functionality:



Concurrent Use:

Phantom Mark:

Procedural Issues:

Prosecution Issues:

Drawings/Specimens of Use:

Proposed TTAB Rule Changes:


CAFC decisions:

Leo Stoller:

Recommended Reading:


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