Friday, May 26, 2006

The TTABlog Presents: The Leo Stoller Collection

The recently-posted "TTABlog Fraud Collection" was such a hit that I thought I'd try that approach again. Besides, the Board's recent decisions have been rather uninteresting and unblogworthy.

[TTABlog note: for an update on Leo Stoller's activities through 2007, see Section VII of this article, and also find later TTABlog postings by inserting the word "STOLLER" in the search box to the right].

I noticed that, in the past week, Leo Stoller filed about three dozen requests for extension of time to oppose, including 26 on May 24th along. Apparently he has taken a break from verbally pummeling Google and its attorneys at his rentamark blog. It was rumored at INTA Toronto that the USPTO sent a letter to Mr. Stoller in mid-April regarding his many extension requests, resulting in a prompt and drastic slowdown in Stoller's filings. Reportedly, Stoller has responded to the PTO letter, and a decision or order from the PTO is forthcoming. Perhaps Mr. Stoller will explain all this at his blog. Perhaps not.

Leo Stoller

Meanwhile, here's a handy compilation of TTABlog postings regarding Leo Stoller and his trademark-related activities.

TTAB cases:

Federal District Court cases:

CAFC cases:


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