Thursday, March 27, 2014

Mark Your INTA Calendars: "MEET THE BLOGGERS X" Set For Monday, May 12th, 8-10 PM

The tenth annual "Meet the Bloggers" gathering will take place on Monday night, May 12th, from 8-10 pm, at the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club. Watch this blog for more details. [A tip of the TTABlog fedora to Marks & Clark for its sponsorship of the event.]

Here's a (bad) photo of last year's quintet of hosts at "Meet The Blogger IX" in Dallas, Texas. Can you name them? [Don't be a wise guy: I mean their real names!]

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At 3:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ok - I know those three on the left -John Welch, Marty Schwimmer and Ron Coleman (who can miss them : ) ) - the two gents on the right I'll need to meet next year when INTA returns to the US! Have fun in Hong Kong!

All the Best,


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