Thursday, October 04, 2012

PTO Seeks Comments on Draft Examination Guide For Website Specimens of Use

The USPTO is seeking comments on a draft version (here) of an examination guide on webpage specimens. See complete notice here. Comments are due by October 31st.

Continuing our recent initiative in response to feedback from practitioners and other stakeholders expressing a desire to provide constructive input on examination guides before they are finalized, a draft version of an examination guide on webpage specimens is being made available now for comment.

The purpose of the examination guide, entitled “Webpage Specimens as Displays Associated With the Goods,” is to promote consistency in examination practice in this area, and provide examples illustrating the concepts discussed.

You can submit comments on the examination guide using a web-based collaboration tool, which some of you may have already used to comment on the TMEP. The tool allows users to post comments on a topic, and view and respond to others’ comments. In addition, users may vote to indicate agreement or disagreement with a particular comment. We will use the collaboration webpage to address comments and will take all timely comments into account before issuing a final version of the guide.


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