Thursday, November 11, 2010

Check Out Towergate Software's New "2(d) Citation Watch" Service

Towergate Software is offering a new service called the "2(d) Citation Watch" for trademark registration owners and law firms. (Details here). This watch service highlights the marks of your firm's clients that were cited by the PTO against other marks, and includes links to the pertinent records. "In essence, we provide a heads-up notification on potentially conflicting trademarks, vetted by a PTO examiner."

"There are two separate 2(d) Citation Watch reports each week. One covers published marks in the current gazette to reveal those with a historical refusal under 2(d). The other covers marks for which an office action was issued that week citing a refusal under 2(d). Together, these reports provide important and actionable information useful to your clients."


At 4:42 PM, Blogger mitchell said...


Based upon the interest we received just today, we're impressed on the reach your blog extends to! We've had the opportunity to explain not only this product but also our unique Bulk TM watch, to firms that weren't even on our radar! Thanks

Mitch Schwartz
Towergate Software


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