Friday, May 21, 2010

Boston Sunshine Continues as of 8 AM, May 21st.

I rode my bike to work today, from Back Bay across the Charles River to Cambridge. Here are a few pictures to provide assurance that the weather is looking good.

Copley Square looking toward Boston Public Library

Looking west along the Charles from Memorial Drive, Cambridge

Kendall Square, Cambridge

Behind One Main Street, Cambridge

View from my office window across to Boston

Photographs Copyright John L. Welch 2010.


At 1:54 PM, Anonymous NDC said...

Beautiful photos, John, all in the series. The Christian Science Plaza and Behind One Main Street, Cambridge are especially nice. And the view out your window beats the alley/brick wall view from mine six ways to Sunday.

Enjoy the Annual Meeting; I'll be holding down the fort here in Scarsdale.

Kind regards,

Nancy Dwyer Chapman
Lackenbach Siegel LLP


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