Monday, November 10, 2008

TTABlog Paper: "TTAB Year in Review" (California Edition)

Greetings from the Left Coast. Actually, after the election, one might say that there are two Left Coasts. I'm in California to give a talk on the "TTAB Year in Review" before the California Bar's IP Law Section (Paper here). Principal topics: fraud, bona fide intent to use, Section 2(e)(4) surname refusals, and the doctrine of foreign equivalents.

I still hold a bit of a grudge against California. My family moved from the South Side of Chicago in 1959, the year the Dodgers beat the White Sox in the World Series. Here we are nearly 50 years later, and in the past three years, the White Sox won the World Series, and the Governor of Massachusetts and the President-Elect are both White Sox fans from the South Side of Chicago. Now that's change I can believe in!


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