Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Thirteen Section 66(a) Applications Published For Opposition Today

The PTO published thirteen more Madrid Protocol-based Section 66(a) applications today, bringing the total published for opposition to date to 36. For those who are more visually inclined, the graph below depicts the number of Section 66(a) applications published and to be published on the ten consecutive Tuesdays beginning on November 9, 2004. Some say a picture is worth a thousand words, but I say, who's counting?

The large slab on the right end of the chart represents the 84 applications scheduled to be published on January 11, 2005, bringing the grand total to 121.

At least one previously-published section 66(a) application is already the subject of a possible opposition: namely, Application S.N. 79000859, owned by Thaler Event GbR of Gevelsberg, Germany, for the mark shown below for various clothing items. [The mark still reminds me of a certain National League baseball team].

The potential opposer is PEI Licensing Inc. of Miami, Florida, owner of various PERRY ELLIS registrations and others. PEI has already obtained a 30-day extension of time to oppose.


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