Sunday, December 26, 2004

Osama and the "Trademark Trial and Appeal Board"?

Imagine my surprise when I received the following e-mail message from Google in response to my standing request for new alerts relating to the "Trademark Trial and Appeal Board"!!

Google Alert for: Trademark Trial and Appeal Board

BIN LADEN: Address To The Saudi Rulers December 16, 2004 - West Vancouver,British Columbia,Canada
... withstand the Messenger's order, lest some trial befall them ... and many other violations have been the trademark of this ... I now appeal to all Muslims to call on ...

In case you're wondering, the word "board" appears on page 2 of the 19 page diatribe, in the phrase "Allah might send punishment across the board." The speech is posted at the website Jihad Unspun.

[Upon seeing my original post, Marty Schwimmer of the Trademark Blog quipped: "Finally, an explanation for all those uncitable decisions – national security."]


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