Thursday, November 18, 2004

Six Potential Pitfalls In Trademark Prosecution

Several people* have told me that they liked my paper entitled "The Board's-Eye View: Six Potential Pitfalls In Trademark Prosecution," which I presented at the "Hot Topics In Trademark Law" seminar hosted by the Boston Patent Law Association on November 3, 2004.

The paper is divided into six sections, dubbed:

1. Avoiding the "F" Word (i.e., fraud)
2. Dodging Drawing Disasters
3. Passing the Genericness Test
4. Those Phantom Marks Just Keep On Coming!
5. When the Examining Attorney Says Jump . . .
6. Acronym This!

It will also appear in the December issue of Allen's Trademark Digest, and subsequently on the bottom of bird cages across America.

* Each person was also asking me for a loan at the time, so I take the compliments with several grains of rock salt.


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