Friday, May 31, 2024

TTAB Posts June 2024 Hearing Schedule

The Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (Tee-Tee-Ā-Bee) has scheduled four oral hearings for the month of June 2024. The hearings will be held virtually, except for the second one, which will be held in-person at the USPTO's Madison East Building in Alexandria, Virginia. Briefs and other papers for each case may be found at TTABVUE via the links provided.

June 12, 2024 - 10 AM: Sung Hwan E&B Co. Ltd. d/b/a SHEnB Co. Ltd. v. Aesthetics Biomedical, Inc., Cancellation No. 92074719 [Petition for cancellation of a registration for VIVACE for "radio frequency microneedling device" on the grounds of non-ownership, fraud, and likelihood of confusion with the common law marks VIVACEVIVACE EXPERIENCE, VIVACE ULTRA, and VIVACE NATIONAL MICRONEEDLING DAY for the identical goods.]

June 13, 2024 - 2 PM (In person at the USPTO): Garan Services Corp. v. Jesus Villa, Cancellation No. 92074777 [Petition for cancellation of a registration for the mark HALFANIMAL for "Beanies; Hats; Pants; Shorts; Sweat pants; Sweat shirts; Sweat shorts; Sweat suits; T-shirts; Wind resistant jackets" on the grounds of abandonment and false suggestion of a connection with Petitioner Garan under Section 14(3).]

June 25, 2024 - 2 PM: In re Keto Chow LLC, Serial No. 97073305 [Section 2(e)(1) refusal to register KETO CHOW for "Meal replacement shakes for weight loss purposes designed to promote and maintain ketosis; dietary and nutritional supplements used for weight loss designed to promote and maintain ketosis; weight loss powders for nutritional purposes designed to promote and maintain ketosis" on the ground of mere descriptiveness and lack of acquired distinctiveness.]

June 26, 2024 - 1 PM: Jonna Markets, LLC v. Makini Howell, Opposition No. 91249325 [Section 2(d) opposition to PLUM for "Vegan packaged prepared food, namely, sauces, sandwiches, sandwich wraps, all not containing plums" and for "Restaurants, namely, cafes, bistros, fast food, casual dining and providing food and drink via a mobile truck," on the ground of likelihood of confusion with the registered mark PLUM MARKET for "retail grocery, delicatessen, and coffee shop services" [MARKET disclaimed].]

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