Wednesday, July 12, 2023

TTAB Adds Three New Administrative Trademark Judges, One Departs

While we were being distracted by the smoke coming down from Canada, the Board added three new Administrative Trademark Judges, while one judge retired. To be specific, Judge Linda A. Kuczma returned to private practice in Chicago after 12 years on the Board. The three new judges (see below) bring the total Board membership to 28, including Chief Judge Rogers and Deputy Chief Judge Thurmon. The complete judicial roster may be found here.

Thomas L. Casagrande. Experience: private practice 1991-2012, USPTO Associate Solicitor 2012-2023. Education: B.A., University of Pennsylvania; J.D., University of Connecticut School of Law.

Wendy Boldt Cohen. Experience: private practice, 1998-2012, TTAB Interlocutory Attorney, 2012-2023. Education: B.A, University of Missouri - Columbia; J.D., University of Missouri - Columbia School of Law.

Jennifer E. Elgin. Experience: private practice, 1999-2020, TTAB Interlocutory Attorney, 2020-2023. Education: B.S., Cornell University; J.D., Emory University School of Law.

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