Monday, January 10, 2011

Brand Geek: Censorship at the INTA

Lara Pearson, at her Brand Geek blog, provides some thought-provoking commentary (here) on INTA's decision to pull the plug on the popular TM TOPICS listserv, in her recent posting entitled "Censorship at the INTA."

Lara notes that Carl Oppedahl of Oppedahl Patent Law Firm (“OPLF”) has expanded his firm’s E-Trademarks List to replace TM Topics:

As the sponsor of the E-Trademarks-L listserv, we at OPLF are broadening the charter of the listserv to embrace the areas previously served by the TMTopics listserv. Trademark practitioners, whether INTA members or not, are invited to post messages and to participate in this listserv. If you know someone who used to belong to TMTopics, and who now cannot participate in the successor forum at INTA, feel free to invite them to join E-Trademarks-L.

To subscribe to the E-Trademarks-L listerv, go here.

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At 8:27 AM, Blogger Adam said...


I just reported on this story, with INTA's response:

"INTA under fire for ditching popular Trademark Topics email service"



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