Tuesday, July 06, 2010

TTAB Posts July 2010 Hearing Schedule

The Trademark Trial and Appeal Board has scheduled eleven (11) hearings for the month of July, as listed below. The hearings will be held in the East Wing of the Madison Building, in Alexandria, Virginia. [The hearing schedule and other details regarding attendance may be found at the TTAB website.] Briefs and other papers for these cases may be found at TTABVUE via the links provided.

July 13 - 10 AM: Rocket Trademarks Pty Ltd. v. Phard S.p.A., Opposition No. 91172486 [Section 2(d) opposition to ZU ELEMENTS (Stylized) for various paper goods, leather goods, and clothing, in light of various registered and common law marks comprising or containing the mark ELEMENTS for identical goods].

July 13- 2 PM: In re Roc USA, LLC , Serial No. 77044525 [refusal to register the mark ROC USA for business management consulting services and for educational services in the field of community development, on the ground of geographical descriptiveness under Section 2(e)(2)].

July 15 - 2 PM: In re DG Fastchannel, Inc., Serial No. 77136602 [Section 2(d) refusal to register the mark HD NOW for "Broadcasting services, namely, transmission of video advertising media and metadata via proprietary media management systems" in view of the identical mark registered for "radio broadcasting services of digital signals"].

July 20 - 11 AM: SmithKline Beecham Corporation v. OmniSource DDS, LLC, Opposition No. 91178539 [Opposition to registration of AQUAJETT for "Dental instruments, namely, oral irrigators" on the grounds of lack of bona fide intent and likelihood of confusion with the mark AQUAFRESH and formatives thereof, for toothpaste and toothbrushes].

July 20 - 2 PM: Sarnafil, Inc. v. Henry L. Hamlin, III, Opposition No. 91163904 [Section 2(d) opposition to registration of SMARTROOF.COM & Design for "roofing installation" in view of the registered mark ENERGYSMART ROOF for roof membranes for low-slope and steep-slope roofing applications"].

July 21 - 2 PM: In re American Infrastructure, Inc., Serial Nos. 77044841, 77044834, and 77044836 [Refusal to register the mark AMERICAN INFRASTRUCTURE &Design for "Construction consultation; construction management; construction planning; consultation services for the construction of water and wastewater plants; construction of water and wastewater plants; laying and construction of pipelines; road and highway construction; road and highway paving services; bridge construction" in view of Applicant's refusal to disclaim the geographically descriptive term AMERICAN INFRASTRUCTURE].

July 22 - 11 AM: In re AmQuip Crane Rental, LLC, Serial No. 77331303 [Appeal from requirement of disclaimer of CRANE in the mark AMQUIP THE CRANE PEOPLE & Design for crane rental and leasing services].

July 22 - 11:30 AM: In Corporate Fuel Partners, LLC, Serial No. 78705686 [Appeal from disclaimer requirement of CORPORATE in the mark CORPORATE FUEL for business management and advisory services and financial services ].

July 22 - 2 PM: Societe Produits de Nestle S.A. v. Midwestern Pet Foods, Inc ., Opposition No. 91163853 [Section 2(d) opposition to registration of WAGGIN' STRIPS for pet food and edible pet treats in view of the registered mark BEGGIN' STRIPS for dog snacks].

July 27 - 10 AM: In re Diane R. Gunter, Serial No. 77227513 [Section 2(d) refusal of WISH YOU WERE HERE for "underwear" over the registered mark WISH YOU WERE HERE, LOVE JETSY for "clothing, namely, women’s, dresses, shirts, skirts and apparel"].

July 27 - 2 PM: Le Cordon Bleu B.V. v. Muffman Products, LLC, Opposition No. 91155779 [Opposition to registration of CORD ON BLUE for "General purpose non-metal storage units for use in hanging cards, namely, stretch cords, electrical cords and bungie cords" on the grounds of likelihood of confusion with and dilution of the registered mark CORDON BLEU and variations thereof for culinary educational services and printed materials pertaining to cuisine].

Text Copyright John L. Welch 2010.


At 12:03 PM, Anonymous JLHDEA said...

WYHO? "CORD ON BLUE" for "General purpose non-metal storage units for use in hanging cards, namely, stretch cords, electrical cords and bungie cords" vs. "CORDON BLEU" for culinary educational services and printed materials pertaining to cuisine.


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