Thursday, April 17, 2008

TTABlogger Receives Refusable Offer From "Patent Trademark Register"

When the registration certificate for THE TTABLOG arrived last month, I expected it to be followed by a shipload of tantalizing offers for framed copies, bronzed copies, t-shirts bearing copies, etc. Here (pdf) is one of the offers that I was able to refuse. We can hope that if a client of yours receive the same offer, it will file it in the appropriate circular file.

front of letter
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This outfit, which is apparently called ODM srl, of Vienna, Austria, offers for a mere $2,380 to register my "patent" in its "private Database" for one year. Note that there is no "extra charge" nor "value added tax." [Such a deal!] However, there is a caveat:

"Please notice that this private registration hasn't any connection with the publication of official registrations, is not a registration by a government organization, and we haven't any business relation yet."

back of letter
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The terms and conditions appear on the back; they include:

3. The Directory which are [sic] edited by the WIPO-World Intellectual Proberty [sic] Organization, will be published on Internet and on CD-Rom, which will be updated every 3 months. The insertion fee covers the offered edition for one year including insertion update during this time.

Personally, I think the International Star Registry would be a much better deal. I could register THE TTABLOG and about two dozen other names for the cost of a one-year entry for a single mark in the Patent Trademark Register.

Text Copyright John L. Welch 2008.


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