Friday, January 12, 2007

TTABlog Report: TTAB Issued 57 Citable Decisions in 2006

Set forth below are links to the TTABlog postings for the 57 citable decisions issued by the TTAB in 2006. [The total for 2006 dwarfs those of the last two years: 18 in 2005 (TTABlogged here) and 13 in 2004 (TTABlogged here and here)]. The decisions are categorized by subject matter. If the reader is looking for a particular decision by name, or wants to conduct a key word search to find cases on a particular issue, the best approach is to use the TTABlog Search box on the right hand side of the blog page (just under my photo).

Section 2(a) - deceptiveness:

Section 2(a) - disparagement:

Section 2(a) - false connection:

Section 2(a) - immoral or scandalous:

Section 2(d) - likelihood of confusion:

Section 2(e)(1) - mere descriptiveness:

Section 2(e)(1) - deceptively misdescriptive:

Section 2(e)(2) - primarily geographically descriptive:

Section 2(e)(3) - primarily geographically deceptively misdescriptive:

Section 2(e)(4) - primarily merely a surname:

Section 2(e)(5) - functionality:


Concurrent Use:

Disclaimer practice:

Filing basis:

Trade Dress/Product Configuration:

Use in Commerce/Specimen of Use/Mutilation:

Procedural Issues:

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