Saturday, April 22, 2006

Leo Stoller Extension Requests Halted on April 13th

A check of the TTABVUE database indicates that the Board last granted a Leo Stoller request-for-extension-of-time-to-oppose on April 13, 2006. By that date, Stoller had obtained some 1,450 extensions of time since January 1st (and about 1,750 since November 1, 2005). [Almost none have resulted in oppositions. See TTABlog posting here].

Leo Stoller

Can it be that Mr. Stoller has decided to take a rest? Did he break his keyboard? Or has the TTAB decided to stop accepting his extension requests? Maybe the PTO is investigating the matter?

I've asked Mr. Stoller for an explanation, but he has yet to respond. Nor has he mentioned anything at his blog.

Stay tuned.


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