Thursday, February 16, 2006

California Man Opposes "DYKES ON BIKES" Service Mark Application

Michael J. McDermott of Dublin, California has filed an opposition to the application of the San Francisco Women's Motorcycle Contingent to register the mark DYKES ON BIKES for "Education and Entertainment Services in the nature of organizing, conducting, and promoting parade contingents, community festivals, events, street fairs, forums, seminars, parties and rallies to support, organize and motivate women motorcyclists everywhere to do the same, thereby fostering pride in a wide variety of sexual orientations and identities, namely lesbian, bisexual and transgender." (Opposition No. 91169211, filed on February 15, 2006).

In a long and rambling opposition document, McDermott, appearing pro se, alleges that the word "dyke" fosters hatred of males and that issuance of a registration for the DYKES ON BIKES mark would amount to an endorsement of this hatred by the USPTO.

The DYKES ON BIKES application was previously discussed here and here at the TTABlog.

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