Saturday, December 03, 2005

TTABlog Included in "BlawgWorld 2006"

Someone told me that the word "blawg" is just the Boston pronunciation of "blog." Others claim that the word "blawg" comes from a melding of the words "blog" and "law." In any case, the folks at TechnoLawyer have been kind enough to include The TTABlog in their recently-published e-book (pdf) called BlawgWorld 2006. They describe the book as being "designed to take you on a journey through 51 of the most influential blawgs."

BlawgWorld 2006 is free to anyone who signs up for the equally free newsletters published by TechnoLawyer: "Thousands of lawyers and law firm administrators rely on our newsletters to evaluate technology solutions and learn new management techniques." You may sign up here.

The entry for The TTABlog in BlogWorld 2006 may be dowloaded in pdf form by clicking right here.


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