Thursday, October 06, 2005

Leo Stoller Posts Job Offer at Website

Frequent TTAB litigant and TTABlog subject Leo Stoller is looking for legal assistance. From his website (Jobs link):

"Rentamark is engaged in full-blown legal warfare to protect its intellectual property. Currently there are no well-known trademarks available. Every one of Rentamark's famous trademarks are being infringed and/or third parties are attempting to register.

"Rentamark is engaged in a full blown legal warfare to protect its famous trademarks from infringers. Rentamark is seeking former prosecutors, Judges, TTAB staff members, CIA, FBI and other individuals with a legal and/or law enforcement background to assist Rentamark in its policing of its famous trademarks.

"Rentamark is especially interested in attorneys, commissioners or former judges who have had previous experience on state Attorney Disciplinary Commissions who are expert in dealing with attorney disciplinary issues in order to file Attorney Disciplinary Complaints against opposing counsel that may violate the state Professional Code of Responsibility while attempting to prosecute a fraudulent trademark application, Opposition, Petition to Cancel and/or District Court Proceeding. Please send your resume to"

I'm polishing up my resume right now. Being from the Windy City, I may have an edge -- but then I'm not a Cubs fan, and Leo is. I think that explains a lot.


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