Friday, September 30, 2005

TTABlog Quarterly Index: July - September 2005

Now that the White Sox have clinched their division, I can relax and concentrate on the TTABlog quarterly index. Prior quarterly indices may be found by clicking on December 2004, March 2005, and June 2005 in the Archives list to the right. The top entry will be the quarterly index.

Faneuil Hall and Custom House Tower, Boston
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Section 2(a) - immoral or scandalous:

Section 2(d) - likelihood of confusion:

Section 2(e)(1) - mere descriptiveness:

Section 2(e)(2) - primarily geographically descriptive:

Samuel Adams

Section 2(e)(3) - primarily geographically deceptively misdescriptive:

Section 2(e)(4) - primarily merely a surname:

Section 2(e)(5) - functionality:

Section 2(f) - acquired distinctiveness:





City Hall, Boston

Not a Trademark/Mutilation

TTAB Discovery/Evidence/Procedure:

Res Judicata:

CAFC Decisions:

Leo Stoller:


Text and photographs ©John L. Welch 2005.


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