Friday, March 02, 2018

Roster of TTAB Interlocutory Attorneys

Here's a current list of the fourteen (14) TTAB interlocutory attorneys. If you have practiced before the Board, you've probably run into one or more of them.

  • Andrew P. Baxley
  • Wendy Cohen
  • Elizabeth A. Dunn
  • Christen M. English
  • Mary Catherine Faint
  • Yong Oh (Richard) Kim
  • Jennifer Krisp
  • Katie W. McKnight
  • Geoffrey McNutt
  • Mary B. Myles
  • Benjamin U. Okeke
  • Ann Linnehan Vogler
  • Michael Webster
  • Elizabeth Winter

* * * * * * * *

As an attorney for a particular case or legal issue, the interlocutory attorney is responsible for promoting the efficient disposition of litigation before the TTAB. Specifically, she or he:
  • Analyzes the legal issue in question, develops the strategy to deal with the legal issue, and determines the content and means of delivery of the completed analysis of the legal issue.
  • Handles interlocutory matters in oppositions, cancellations and concurrent use cases at the TTAB, including mentoring and coaching others, and is recognized as an expert in the procedural and substantive aspects of the law.
  • Independently decides and issues orders on all procedural and substantive motions that are not potentially dispositive of the proceeding, such as motions to amend pleadings, motions to compel and motions to strike evidence.
  • Consults with and drafts decisions for Administrative Trademark Judges on all procedural and substantive motions that are potentially dispositive of the proceeding, such as motions to dismiss, motions for judgment on the pleadings, and motions for summary judgment.
  • Deals with Administrative Trademark Judges and the top management of the TTAB, as well as the top management and/or attorneys of other private and public organizations.

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At 12:49 PM, Anonymous Naomi Jane Gray said...

I haven't had her as an interloc, but I was in private practice with Katie McKnight, and she is *fantastic.* Really knows her stuff. She's a terrific draw if she's assigned to one of your matters.


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