Wednesday, January 20, 2016

TTAB Issued 41 Precedential Opinions in Calendar 2015

By my count, the TTAB issued 41 precedential opinions in calendar year 2015. (I say "calendar year" to distinguish my count from the official USPTO count, which is based on its fiscal year ending on September 30th). This number is consistent with the total for each of the past three years (45, 44, 44). While trademark developments in the courts may have overshadowed the TTAB's efforts this past year, there were still plenty of decisions worth noting.

Section 2(a) - Disparagement:
Section 2(a) - False Association:

Section 2(c) - Consent to Register:
Section 2(d) - Likelihood of Confusion:

Section 2(e)(1) - Deceptive Misdescriptiveness:
Section 2(e)(5) - Functionality:

Failure to Function:

Lack of Bona Fide Intent:

Application Requirements:

Concurrent Use:

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