Thursday, December 31, 2015

TTABlog Quarterly Index: October - December 2015

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Section 2(a) - Disparagement:
Section 2(a) - False Association:
Section 2(a) - Scandalous and Immoral:
Section 2(c) - Consent to Register:

Section 2(d) - Likelihood of Confusion:

Section 2(e)(1) - Mere Descriptiveness:
Section 2(e)(2) - Geographical Descriptiveness:
Section 2(e)(3) - Primarily Geographically Deceptively Misdescriptive:
Section 2(e)(5) - Functionality:
Bona Fide Intent:

Specimen of Use/Failure to Function:
Concurrent Use:

CAFC Decisions:
Recommended Reading:
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Thanks for another insightful year, John.


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