Thursday, December 10, 2015

Recommended Reading: John M. Murphy, "Famous and Well-Known Marks in Mexico: Past, Present, and Future"

The latest issue of The Trademark Reporter provides several foreign language articles that are probably interesting, but of certain interest is an article in English by John M. Murphy of Arochi & Lindner in Mexico City: "Famous and Well-Known Marks in Mexico: Past, Present, and Future," 105 TMR 1060 (September-October 2015).

John M. Murphy

The protection of famous and well-known marks has preoccupied Mexican judges, bureaucrats, legal scholars, and trademark practitioners for over seventy five years. This article recounts the development of this area of law in Mexico, from its origins in the 1920s through the 2005 amendments to the Industrial Property Law, which authorized the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property (IMPI) to award declarations of fame and notoriety to qualifying trademark owners. In addition, this article will consider IMPI’s implementation of the 2005 amendments, which by some measures has been a success and by others a disappointment. The article will close with suggestions regarding how the current system might be improved.

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