Friday, November 01, 2013

Erik Pelton's Summary of October 18th TPAC Meeting

Erik Pelton, at his blog, reports here on the October 18, 2013 quarterly meeting of the Trademark Public Advisory Committee (TPAC).

As for our Favorite Tribunal, Erik says the following:

TTAB Update by Chief Judge Gerard Rogers:

• 49 precedential decisions were issued by the Board in FY2013 (22 were ex parte / 27 inter partes). [Note: the TTABlog counts them by calendar year rather than by the PTO's fiscal year].

• The number of new TTAB cases increased in FY2013.

• The Board has made progress on decreasing the pendency of final decisions and motions.

• 6 ACR cases were decided in FY2013.

• Board will host a roundtable on 12/03/13 on “end to end processing” of Board appeal and trial cases. More details will be announced soon.


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