Monday, February 04, 2013

TTAB Posts February 2013 Hearing Schedule

The Trademark Trial and Appeal Board has scheduled six (6) oral hearings for the month of February, as listed below. The hearings will be held in the East Wing of the Madison Building, in Alexandria, Virginia. The hearing schedule and other details regarding attendance may be found at the TTAB website (lower right-hand corner)]. Briefs and other papers for these cases may be found at TTABVUE via the links provided.

February 12, 2013 - 2 PM: Randall A. Terry v. Troy Newman, Cancellation No. 92047809 [Petition for cancellation of a registration for OPERATION RESCUE for "Educational services, namely, providing classes, workshops, seminars and personal instruction in the field of pro-life issues and social activism," on the ground that the mark falsely suggests an association with Petitioner Terry, under Section 2(a)].

February 19, 2013 - 10 AM: Glen Raven, Inc. v. Amerinova Properties, LLC, Opposition No. 91192496 [Opposition to registration of SUN BRELLA'S for living plants, on the grounds of likelihood of confusion and likelihood of dilution of the registered mark SUNBRELLA for fabrics].

February 21, 2013 - 10 AM:: Renter Magnet Acquisition, LLC v. American Moving and Storage Association, LLC, Opposition No. 91193584 [Section 2(d) opposition to registration of the logo shown immediately below as a certification mark for moving and relocation services, in view of the registered mark PROMOVE THE APARTMENT SOURCE for locating rental properties for others].

February 26, 2013 - 11 AM: C. & J. Clark International, Limited v. Unity Clothing, Inc., Cancellation No. 92049418 [Petition to cancel a registration of the mark UN & Design for various clothing items (not footwear), in view of the registered mark in view of the registered mark UNSTRUCTURED & Design for "footwear, namely, shoes, boots and sandals"].

February 26, 2013 - 2 PM: In re Omega Alpha Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Serial Nos. 77486441 and 77486429 [Section 2(a) refusal to register OMEGA ALPHA (in standard character and design form) or various dietary, nutritional, and herbal supplements on the ground that the term "Omega" is deceptive when "the supplements do not encompass omega fatty acids"].

February 28, 2013 - 11 AM: Jeanjer, LLC and MG Overseas Limited v. S.W.A.K., Inc., Opposition No. 91161203 [Section 2(d opposition to registration of GASCO THE GREAT AMERICAN SWEATER CO. for sweaters, in view of Opposer's alleged prior use of the marks GAS and GASOLINE for sweaters].

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