Friday, September 21, 2012

Inter Partes Proceedings at the TTAB: Advanced Practice Tips

Yesterday's "TTAB Comes to New Hampshire" was a resounding success. Approximately one hundred attendees heard the final argument in the FOOTLONG case, as well as presentations from Chief Judge Rogers, Anne Gilson LaLonde, Professor Ashlyn Lembree, and Joshua Jarvis. First-class presentations were made by attorneys Roberta Jacobs-Meadway and Walter Welsh in the FOOTLONG final argument. Judge Rogers made available (pdf here) the paper entitled, "Inter Partes Proceedings at the TTAB: Advanced Practice Tips," authored by Judge Rogers, Judge Ellen Seeherman, and Interlocutory Attorney Cheryl Butler. The paper is chock-full of useful information for TTAB litigants. Enjoy!

From left to right, Judge David Mermelstein, Prof. Ashlyn Lembree, Ann Gilson LaLonde, Chief Judge Gerard F. Rogers, John L. Welch, Judge Mark Bergsman, and Joshua Jarvis.


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