Friday, May 04, 2012

TTABlog Job Posting: Highly Experienced IP Attorney Seeks New Position

An attorney with fifteen years of experience creating, and serving as head of, the intellectual property group for one of the country’s largest companies, spearheading Internet enforcement for a major law firm, and teaching cutting-edge intellectual property in law school, seeks a position with a corporation or law firm. His practice has ranged from bringing in-house a global portfolio of over 10,000 trademarks to negotiating and drafting multimillion dollar intellectual property transactions to assessing new technologies for secondary copyright liability to traveling to China to implement a comprehensive product review process. Many days, he relishes the more routine side of practice, such as performing trademark clearances, handling domain name disputes, clearing music rights, and drafting licenses, nondisclosure agreements, and publicity releases. He is never happier than when training clients, including more than 2,000 employees in one two-year span, cutting through the jargon and entertaining them with the never dull world of intellectual property. On the side, he enjoys writing commentaries that air regionally on NPR. He is open to creative employment arrangements that would allow him to exercise his passion for intellectual property, leverage his business experience, and, if working for a firm, give him a platform to develop his corporate network with innovative approaches based on his in-house experience.

Please send inquiries to John L. Welch (jwelch at to arrange for an introduction.


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