Sunday, September 18, 2011

TTABlog Job Posting: TTAB Seeks Senior Level Attorney Advisor

The TTAB is seeking to fill the position of Senior Level Attorney Advisor (here). "The incumbent is an attorney who is a recognized expert in: trademark law and regulations; TTAB policies and procedures related to all aspects of appeals, oppositions, cancellations and concurrent use proceedings; guidelines for practice before the TTAB; providing staff assistance in policy formulation and translation of policy decisions into revised guidelines in TTAB matters; and drafting and updating training materials for all professionals and technical support staff at the TTAB."

Major Duties:

Some of the major duties of the Senior Level Attorney Advisor (Trademarks) are as follows:

Serve as the Editor of the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board Manual of Procedure (TBMP), which is the principal guide for TTAB and Trademark Examining Operations personnel and the public on practices and procedures of the Board.

Review TTAB decisions prior to publication and make recommendations to the USPTO Director or the Director's designee, and the Chief Administrative Trademark Judge (Chief ATJ) of the TTAB as to decisions that should be issued as precedents of the Board.

Develop and formulate new TTAB practices and procedures, and ensure dissemenation of the same to USPTO personnel via official notices, training materials and revisions in the TBMP.

Serve as the TTAB policy, practice and procedure expert and consultant to the Chief ATJ and other USPTO officials, conducting research on trademark issues that may become or are involved in TTAB proceedings and identify when there is a need for a statement of new or improved TTAB practice or procedure.

Represent the Chief Administrative Trademark Judge in dealings with attorneys, industry representatives, and trademark law associations in matters or complaints involving TTAB practices and procedures.

Represent TTAB in meetings with bar associations, trade associations, and other national and international trademark law groups on matters relating to recent developments in TTAB rules, regulations and practice.


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