Monday, April 04, 2011

Watch for these Trademark CLE Events in April

We Massachusetts lawyers do not have any continuing legal education requirements. It's either because we're already sufficiently smart, or that we are simply unteachable. In any case, I understand that many other states do require continuing legal education, so therefore I present the following list of events for this month:

  • April 6, 1 pm: Webinar on "Trademark Bullying: Emerging Legal Threat" (TTABlogged here).

  • April 11 (LA) and April 13 (SF): The Trademark Office Comes to California (TTABlogged here).

  • April 14-15, Fort Lauderdale, FL: Florida Bar IP Symposium (TTABlogged here).

  • April 29, 1 pm: TTAB Comes to Boston (TTABlogged here).


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