Friday, February 18, 2011

Recommended Reading: 100th Anniversary Issue of The Trademark Reporter

INTA has just published its 100th Anniversary Issue of The Trademark Reporter. [Press release here]. The Table of Contents for the centennial issue (January-February 2011, Vol. 101, No. 1) is set out below. Members of INTA may download the articles from the INTA website.

  • Introductions
    By Gerhard R. Bauer, Alan C. Drewsen, and Lanning G. Bryer

  • Reflections of Former Editors-in-Chief/Editors Since 1911

  • History of The Trademark Reporter (reprint)/A New Century Begins (update)
    By Miles J. Alexander and Daniel R. Bereskin/Update by Clifford W. Browning

  • Editor's Note
    By Sandra Edelman

  • The Next 100 Years--What Will It Be Like in 2078 AD? (reprint)
    By Sidney A. Diamond

  • The Trademark Reporter as Catalyst
    By Jerre B. Swann

  • Global Registration--Where Are We Now?
    By Ruth Annand and Leone Kemp

  • Sidney Diamond's Predictions Regarding the Development of International Trademark Systems
    By Janet L. Hoffman

  • Predicting the Future of U.S. Trademark Law in 1978: A Promise Fulfilled on Intent-to-Use Applications
    By Sandra Edelman

  • A Century of Supreme Court Trademark Law
    By Edward Vassallo and Kristin B. Hogan

  • Trademark Functions and Protected Interests in the Decisions of the European Court of Justice
    By Pier Luigi Roncaglia and Giulio Enrico Sironi

  • Getting Real With Nontraditional Trademarks: What's Next After Red Oven Knobs, the Sound of Burning Methamphetamine, and Goats on a Grass Roof?
    By Anne Gilson LaLonde and Jerome Gilson

  • One Perspective on Anti-Counterfeiting: From T-Shirts in the Basement to Global Trade
    By Harley I. Lewin

  • Notice and Takedown for Trademarks
    By Frederick W. Mostert and Martin B. Schwimmer

  • Trademarks in the Veldt: Do Virtual Lawyers Dream of Electric Trademarks?
    By Theodore C. Max


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