Sunday, December 13, 2009

Chicago Bears Oppose "PAPA BEAR" for Clothing, Football Equipment

The Chicago Bears have taken umbrage at the attempt by Papa Bear Enterprises, Inc. to register the mark PAPA BEAR for, inter alia, football helmets, books in the field of sports, clothing, and football equipment. Da Bears contend that this mark will likely cause confusion, dilution, and false association vis-a-vis various BEARS-formative marks. Chicago Bears Football Club, Inc. and NFL Properties LLC v. Papa Bear Enterprises, Inc., Opposition No. 91190267.

Now you may be thinking that "Papa Bear" is a reference to the Goldilocks story, but Bears fans know that the term PAPA BEAR refers to the late George Halas, founder, owner, and long-time coach of the Bears. I don't think Goldilocks played football, and Applicant's website makes it clear just what Applicant has in mind.

By the way, has any NFL team ever made as good a video as the Bears' Super Bowl Shuffle? [It includes the line: "This is for Mike [Ditka] and Papa Bear Halas."]

TTABlog comment: Why are football helmets in class 9 and football pads in class 28?

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At 1:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Football helmets are in Class 9 because, though used for a recreational activity, are primarily used to prevent death or serious bodily injury (which is why you find most protective-type garments in Class 9 and not Class 25). Football pads are in Class 28 because, while they may help prevent injury, they are not designed to be life-saving products like helmets, which is why they are classified with other recreational products in Class 28.


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