Monday, June 16, 2008

PTO Proposes Potpourri of Trademark Rule Changes

Bill Heinze, at his I/P Updates blog, has spotted two sets of proposed PTO trademark rule changes. I decided that, rather than spend the weekend reading and summarizing the many and varied proposed changes, I would entrust TTABlog readers to do so. [Frankly, I'm too busy watching the Celtics v. Lakers, the Revolution, Euro 2008, and the USA v. Barbados World Cup qualifier, while simultaneously trying to complete my weekend list of household and garden tasks.] Those of you whose last name begins with a letter between A and M are assigned the first set, and those between N and Z the second. I will be happy to publish your comments/summaries.

The first set of proposed changes (pdf here) is entitled "Changes in Requirements for Signature of Documents, Recognition of Representatives, and Establishing and Changing the Correspondence Address in Trademark Cases." The purpose of the proposed changes is "to codify and clarify current practice."

The second set of proposed changes (pdf here) is helpfully entitled "Miscellaneous Changes to Trademark Rules of Practice." The PTO's goal is "to clarify certain requirements for applications, intent to use documents, amendments to classification, requests to divide, and Post Registration practice; to modernize the language of the rules; and to make other miscellaneous changes. For the most part, the proposed rule changes are intended to codify existing practice, as set forth in the Trademark Manual of Examining Procedure ('TMEP')."

Comments on the proposed rules must be submitted by August 11, 2008.

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