Friday, November 02, 2007

TTAB Begins Issuing "Institution Orders" Under New Rules

The TTAB has issued its first "Institution Orders" under the new TTAB Rules, which went into effect yesterday, November 1st. A sample Institution Order may be found here, from Opposition No. 91180507, which was filed on November 1st.

The Order is four pages in length, and sets out not only the dates for opening and closing of discovery and the dates for the testimony periods, but also the (new) discovery conference deadline date, and the (new) due dates for initial disclosures, expert disclosures, and pre-trial disclosures.

The Institution Order includes two paragraphs regarding the discovery conference, pointing out the subjects to be discussed and reminding the parties that Board participation may be requested.

The Notice of Opposition in Opposition No. 91180507, includes a certificate of service by first-class mail upon the Applicant itself at the address listed in the TARR database. Applicant did not have an attorney listed.

Text Copyright John L. Welch 2007.


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