Friday, November 03, 2006

TTABlog Adds Second Google Search Box, Suggested by DDIP Blogger

The flow of TTAB decisions has again been reduced to a trickle. This happens every October, because the judges hurry to churn out opinions before the close of the PTO fiscal year at the end of September. That rush to judgment may explain some of the wacky September rulings, like that in the CHISHOLM smokeless tobacco case (blogged here). In any event, as a result, the first few weeks of October are rather barren from a blogger's perspective.

Mark Reichel

So I'm reduced to writing about the addition of a second Google search box on the TTABlog, in the right-hand column, just below the "Last Ten Posts" list. Go ahead, try it! It works!

A hat tip to Mark Reichel of Ice Miller LLP in Indianapolis for suggesting that I add the new search box. Mark has a blog called "Daily Dose of IP" or DDIP, focusing mostly on patents but with an occasional trademark tidbit, and lots of good links to cases and other stuff. I recommend that you check it out.


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