Wednesday, June 07, 2006

PLI Outline on TTAB Practice (2006?)

The Practicing Law Institute (PLI) has made available a chapter from its Course Handbook, "Navigating Trademark Practice Before the PTO 2006: From Filing Through the TTAB Hearing." The chapter, apparently prepared by former TTAB Administrative Trademark Judge Rany Simms, is aptly entitled "Trademark Trial and Appeal Board Practice."

One has to wonder just when this outline was prepared. Its list of sixteen TTAB judges is woefully out of date. It includes at least five judges who have left the Board (Simms, Cissel, Hanak, Chapman, and Wendel) and one who changed his name (Bottorff to Grendel). Four current judges are omitted (Cataldo, Kuhlke, Walsh, and Zervas). [For an up-to-date listing of TTAB judges, see the TTABlog posting here.]

The most recent case cited in the outline is dated 2001. No mention is made of the rule changes that accompanied accession to the Madrid Protocol, and no mention of the currently-proposed TTAB rule changes.

On the other hand, the outline does include a number of worthwhile practical tips. For those alone, it is worth reading. Too bad it isn't more up-to-date.

Text Copyright John L. Welch 2006.


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