Monday, May 08, 2006

Thousands Descend on Toronto for INTA 2006

Toronto is swarming with trademark people, many complaining about how cold it is. I say, toughen up, for Pete's sake. Patent lawyers don't complain like that! I arrived at noon on Sunday, and had to wait more than 4 hours for my room to be ready. And then this is my view -- I kid you not!

In past years, I would be worn out from three or four days of smiling, so I've decided to wear a scowl for at least the first day. The ineptitude of Air Canada and the Fairmont Royal York Hotel have made that pretty easy.

So far, the few blocks I've seen of Toronto remind me of Atlanta, and that's not good. Maybe tomorrow I'll have a chance to walk around and see a bit more. Or I may take a ride in one of these Hippos, which seem to offer a bland version of the Boston Duck Tour® brand amphibious vehicles sightseeing tour.

In Boston, passengers quack like a duck. In Toronto, I guess they snort in unison?


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