Tuesday, January 03, 2006

TTABlog Report: Leo Stoller's Year 2005 in Review

Leo Stoller had a heckuva year in 2005. He lost at least two civil actions, three TTAB oppositions, and three CAFC appeals. The federal court in Chicago determined that Central Mfg. Co., the entity that purportedly owns various STEALTH registrations, does not exist. And the Board sanctioned him and/or his companies on at least two occasions. To top it all off, the cross-town rival White Sox won the World Series, while the Cubbies continued their traditionally abysmal play. The TTABlog has been watching (and reporting on) Mr. Stoller's activities all year; a compilation of the pertinent TTABlog postings for 2005 is set out below.

Stoller finished the year in an offensive (as opposed to defensive) mode. In the months of November and December 2005, he and his companies filed a total of more that 200 requests for extension of time to oppose a potpourri of trademark applications (50 on December 28 and 29 alone, in the name of Sentra Industries Inc.). It looks like Mr. Stoller will continue to be a major content provider for the TTABlog, and for that we thank him.

Alleged headquarters
7622 West Belmont Avenue, Chicago 60634
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The sheer number of extension requests filed by Stoller leads to the suggestion that the PTO and the Board consider charging a fee for such requests -- say $100 per application involved -- as a deterrrent to frivolous filings. That fee could be credited against the opposition filing fee, if and when an opposition is filed. Otherwise, it is awfully easy (particularly through ESTTA) for anyone to file and obtain extensions of time to oppose, and thereby (at a minimum) delay allowance of applications for, and registration of, deserving marks.

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